What is it like to receive a body therapy session?

You simply lie in loose, comfortable clothing on a massage table and relax. Your body may move naturally as tension is released. You may experience a sensation of floating or letting go. Some people describe it as similar to meditation but on a deeper, more profound level.

Core Body Therapy is not massage. The experience may be different than what you’ve experienced with traditional massage therapy.

 Every session includes:_MG_2111.1

  • Full-body physical alignment so your body can begin to open and relax
  • Whole body energy evaluation
  • Intuitive dialogue — we’ll have a conversation about what you’re experiencing
  • 60 minutes of hands-on bodywork with the therapies listed below
  • Music made with clinically proven healing frequencies that sync your brainwaves to the level of deep relaxation
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils placed on your feet to help your system come into balance
  • Chakra balancing
  • Email appointment reminders
  • Email follow-up after session

The Setting:

  • A healing space filled with natural light, located off of a tree-lined courtyard that transports you away from your daily routine
  • Luxurious memory foam-covered massage table that allows your muscles to release and your body to feel supported
  • Essential oil-infused sacred space with subtle fragrances that stimulate your brain’s center for relaxation
  • Water and tea available

Every session incorporates elements of: