Are you struggling to recover from an injury or illness?

Are you one of the 116 million Americans dealing with the challenges of living with chronic pain?

Are you looking for an alternative to taking addictive opiods?

Or maybe you’re looking for new ways of coping with:

  • Headaches/TMJ
  • Knee or other joint pain
  • Neck and back pain
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Anxiety or Panic attacks
  • Depression/Grief
  • Concussion Symptoms
  • Chronic Stress and Exhaustion
  • Feeling Disconnected from Life
  • Lack of focus or Brain fog
  • Feeling ‘stuck’
  • Trouble sleeping/Insomnia

If this sounds like you, breathe easy.

I offer a gentle solution that helps you unwind long-held patterns of pain and trauma. The work we do together honors your body’s innate healing wisdom and listens to your whole being, not just your symptoms.

After our sessions, people I work with tell me they:

  • Have Less or No Pain
  • Feel more focused and grounded
  • Sleep better
  • Have less anxiety
  • Are able to be more present in their relationships
  • Are more motivated to accomplish their goals
  • Feel deeply relaxed and centered

Your Next Step

If you’d like to move beyond pain and worry about your health, Craniosacral Unwinding and other complementary wellness solutions may be the answer.

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