Craniosacral Work for Football Players

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“What I’ve found with Craniosacral is that it’s almost a perfect fit for athletes.”

Ricky Williams, retired NFL running back

Do you play or have you played football or another high-contact sport?

Do you have headaches or lingering pain in your body that just won’t go away?

Are you open to a new way of dealing with your injuries and improving your health?

Would you like to heal faster and extend your career?

Designed for You

HeadCraniosacral Unwinding is a light-touch, hands-on therapy that works with your whole body. It helps unwind the tissues that surround your brain and spinal column allowing your body self-correct and re-align from the inside out.

Our body knows how to heal itself yet some times we need help to know how to let that happen – especially when it is under constant stress playing football.

Craniosacral work balances the movement of fluids of both sides of the brain and improves the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) throughout the brain and spinal column. Cerebrospinal fluid protects the brain and spinal cord from trauma, transports nutrients to the central nervous system and is important for helping the brain work properly.

Balancing the fluid and releasing restrictions in the tissue is especially important after a concussion and helps improve concentration and balance and relieve headaches, dizziness, depression, confusion, insomnia and mood swings.

How does Craniosacral Unwinding help football players?

It works with the core of your system – the connective tissue and fluid that surround your brain and spinal column.

Unwinding the connective tissue:

  • reduces and eliminates pain
  • promotes faster injury/muscle recovery
  • reduces inflammation
  • relieves tension in the brain
  • eases affects of repeated brain trauma (concussions)
  • eases depression and confusion
  • improves mood
  • improves sleep
  • unwinds trauma in the tissue to promote deep, lasting healing

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“Craniosacral therapy has proved to have high potential especially with people with TBI (traumatic brain injury). We need more research, but the experiential data is quite telling,” says Rick Leskowitz, M.D., director of the Integrative Medicine Project at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. “After all, the skull moves. It is not a box. There is movement, pulsation along the sutures on the skull. When that pulsing is regular and steady, the brain is healthy. People trained in craniosacral therapy can loosen these restrictions to bring the pulsation back to normal.”

Research studies conducted more than 100 years ago by Dr. William Sutherland — the father of osteopathy in the cranial field — proved that cranial sutures were, in fact, designed to express small degrees of motion.

The Secret Ingredient

You have spent your entire life training your body to be the best it can be. Craniosacral Unwinding enhances all the other training and conditioning you do. I think of it as the secret ingredient that’s been missing from your program.

Receiving Craniosacral work may help extend your career and help you live a healthier life after football.

The Ricky Williams Foundation and the Upledger Institute Clinic have teamed up for a pilot program aimed at studying the benefits of Craniosacral work for current and former members of the NFL.

The early results are promising and support the positive changes I’ve seen with my own clients.

“The results clearly show improvement with less overall pain, an increase in Quality of Life issues, a significant difference for symptoms associated with depression…and an increase in the number of hours able to sleep at night.”


Craniosacral Concussion Pilot Program (pre-study)

Ricky Williams Craniosacral Concussion Project (post-study)

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