Here’s what people are saying about my work:

“Mary’s craniosacral bodywork is fantastic. I’ve been working with her for many years and the experience has improved and expanded my ability to think clearly, process information and see the ‘big picture’. As a young athlete playing lacrosse, I suffered numerous concussions. Today, I have zero side effects due to the cutting edge bodywork that I’ve done with Mary.”

Steve Mosko, former President, Sony Pictures Television, Culver City, client since 2006

“Mary Hardin is an exquisite energy-medicine practitioner. She takes the dimensions of Craniosacral work to a level of mastery. Her enthusiasm for the subject, and for helping others, carries through in everything she does. I have referred clients and students to her and all have been deeply satisfied by what she brings to them. Magic meets the practical world when she works.”

Gary Strauss, founder and director of The Life Energy Institute, Topanga, CA

“Mary is the rare, true healer. Her skills are both highly intuitive and experienced. I have gone to Mary for everything from chronic pain to mental distress. Mary always helps move these imbalances out of my body in a gentle, supportive way. Craniosacral therapy is the best kept secret in healing, and Mary is tops in her field. (I have been to four other therapists.) At the end of a session she has these wonderful tuning forks that send you off on a calm cloud.”

— Sarah C., Santa Monica, client since 2013


“Since I purchased the Investing in You package and started receiving a session once a month, I not only sleep better but I have more energy too. I used to get a massage every other month, but found I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. The monthly Craniosacral/Polarity session is like maintenance for staying healthy. It’s a great investment for my health!”

Jen O., business owner, Culver City, client since 2013

“Mary is a true healer. Not only has my physical health improve but my emotional life and personal relationships have dramatically changed for the better. This work has truly strengthened me from the inside out.”

Lisa Severino, Los Angeles, client since 2013

“I started seeing Mary about six months after I had knee surgery. My knee was still in pain, I was depressed, not functioning well and that impaired my ability to work. After the first session I felt much better and after three sessions I was feeling happier and less burdened.

Making the investment to continue doing this work with Mary has helped me be more motivated and more at peace with myself. I’m better able to move forward with projects and that has resulted in more work opportunities. Now I can’t paint fast enough to meet the demands of all the people who want my work. I’m happily relieved.”

Kenneth Ober, artist, Inglewood, CA, client since 2011

“I knew something wasn’t in balance. I was having ‘near accidents’ with cars and buses veering towards me from the right. This was all happening while I was trying to decide if I was going to send my teenage daughter away to live someplace else.

I was scared.

After a session with Mary, I immediately felt better. I was calmer, grounded, more open-minded and balanced. I was able to see things in a different light and had increased spiritual awareness. I was able to make my decision to not send my daughter away. The near accidents stopped.

I feel so much better emotionally after receiving this work and that’s helped me have more patience with my family and my patients at work. I continue to grow daily and always look forward to my next session.”

Nancy Schwab, ER Nurse, Manhattan Beach, CA, client since 2005

“Every session with Mary is deeply intuitive and transformative.Her ability to hold a healing space is truly profound and in each session I feel as though I’ve been lead on a journey into myself. Mary is truly gifted in what she does and is a blessing to all of us who seek healing.”

Shawn K., Marina del Rey, CA, client since 2007

“When I first started working with Mary, there were times in my life when I felt fear and anxiety would overwhelm me and I had a hard time finding perspective. Immediately after one session I felt like I had more space in my body to contain those emotions and not be dominated by them. After working with Mary for many years, I find the improvements in my life are more profound the longer I work with her.

I am inspired by an experience during one session that I still remember clearly. Mary placed her hands under my shoulders to my upper back. I had the sensation of an egg timer full of sand — and all that dense tension, emotion, fear and anxiety that filled my head and neck, was slowly trickling –like sand — down my back, making more space in my head. What a wonderful feeling of spaciousness that was!

I know that with the help of Mary’s work, I am better able to deal with stress and am no longer overwhelmed by anxiety. I feel more free to put myself out there in life and I feel more compassionate toward myself. I have more confidence in being able to take care of and nurture myself.”

E. P., Los Angeles, CA, client since 2005

“Mary is so welcoming of me as who I am when I come in the door. Her intuitive sense leads her unerringly to provide the best treatment that I need in each moment. She is extremely well trained and is quite knowledgeable in her practice. Her unique niche IS the ‘soul work’, which she is very good at. That’s what I like best about our work together.”

Judith B., Portland, OR, client since 2008

“With Mary doing her work, I just let go, so my whole body can deeply express itself. I feel like I’m processing emotions and physical blockages at the same time. A sensation of floating, feeling lighter usually happens and I end up feeling resourced.

Each session can bring something new depending on what needs to be done and each time I feel satisfied — my true self is reacting and expressing itself.”

K.J., North Hollywood, CA, client since 2008

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