Another dead football player’s brain shows he had CTE

Mosi Tatupu — New England Patriots

When I was a kid, Mosi Tatupu was my favorite football player. I even had his jersey. Maybe I liked him because I thought his name was cool and I heard his name a lot in those days because he was one of the Patriots’ star players.

Recently, it’s been reported that tests of Mosi’s brain tissue showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) a dilitating brain disease that researchers believe is caused by repetitive head injuries and has show up in the brain tissue of other former football players.

It’s small comfort to his family who now know that CTE was the cause of the mood swings, depression and memory loss that he experienced before his death from a heart attack at 54.

You can read more in this story from the Boston Globe.

It’s sad that here is yet another example of someone who was suffering who didn’t get any help.

I don’t know if Craniosacral work can prevent players from developing CTE. No one does, because no one has bothered to study it.

I do know that Craniosacral work helps unwind the tissues that surround the brain and spinal column allowing cerebral spinal fluid to flow more easily and perhaps flush the build up of proteins and allowing the brain to work better.

I know that clients I work with who come to be with depression and anxiety or who feel foggy and unfocused, leave feeling clearer, more focused, less depressed and not so anxious. When they start to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally, they make better choices for their overall well-being.

I’m grateful to Mosi’s family for donating his brain tissue so we can all learn more about this disease. I’m hopeful that more people will find help the help they need.