Pandemic Week 6: Are You Exhausted?

“The remote session with Mary provided a lot of healing benefits including immediate improvement in my sleep, a sense of increased well-being and improved energy levels.  Mary was able to energetically connect with me and help locate and clear energy blockages. The benefits from this treatment were noticeable over the next couple of days and provided […]

Pandemic Week 5: Refresh & Renew

Hi all, Happy Easter and Spring Renewal. Our current situation is not how we’re used to celebrating this day and yet, maybe in some way, this forced solitude is what we need. Still, it can be challenging for all of us to deal with the emotions that are coming up. Maybe we could ignore them or […]

Pandemic Week 4: Cleaning Up & Staying Home

How are you holding up? As we enter week four of staying at home, how are you coping with your new routine? It’s a strange new world. I find myself uncharacteristically doing extra Spring cleaning and becoming annoyed with clutter and dust around my house. Luckily, I brought a lot of my essential oils home […]

Pandemic Week 1: Staying Healthy

First off, I do believe that good therapy is helpful and needed in times of global and cultural distress, for the physical benefits as well as to offer some contact and relief for the isolation and fear that can occur during such radical shifts happening around us. To that end, I will be continuing to see clients […]

How Do You Digest Energy?

Just like with food, our bodies are designed to digest energy — those experiences and emotions we encounter in our daily lives.  Sometimes, just like food, those emotions and experiences get stuck in our gut and we need some help to break them down and find the right way to use their energy.  If you’ve […]