Client Success Stories

How does my work help people? Here are just a couple of success stories. Please feel free to share your own stories about how this work has helped you.


I worked with a man who played football in college and high school. He had just turned 50 and came to me because he felt “not quite right” in his body.

He wasn’t exactly dizzy but he felt something was “off”. He was having trouble focusing and concentrating. He had received a number of medical tests, MRI, CT Scan, etc. and nothing was found.

In the six weeks we worked together, he experienced vivid memories of the major concussions he had suffered 30 years ago – events he had completely forgotten about.

During one session, I was gently holding his head and I clearly felt the inside of his brain untwisting. In that moment, he said he felt the same thing happening.

After that session the “not quite dizzy” feeling was gone and he felt more grounded and focused in his body. He has continued feeling clear more than a year after his session.

Knee Pain

A man came to see me who was about to have knee surgery. It turned out he had also played football in college.

We did a full-body Craniosacral session and I gently unwound the tension and trauma in his knee and opened up the energy.

Two hours after our session, he called me to say he had canceled his surgery and only wanted to work with me receiving Craniosacral work. (I did NOT tell him to do that.)

We worked together for about two months and at the end of that time he had no more knee pain.

It’s been six months since his last session and he says he still has no pain in his knee.