Football Players Helped by Craniosacral Work

Last year, several retired NFL players took part in the first of it’s kind pilot study conducted by the Ricky Williams Foundation and the Upledger Institute Clinic to look at how Craniosacral work can help football players. The early results of that study are quite promising and two of the players offered these comments after their participation:

Markus Koch, Washington Redskins 1986-1991                  Koch

“For me, CranioSacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation have been key elements in unwinding and releasing old pain. The highly skilled Upledger and Barral therapists have facilitated an inward journey that has taken me to the core of my being, at the physical, mental and emotional realms, where the old contractions from years of hard driving and pounding had lodged.

My short term memory and cognitive processes are once again fully on line. My moods and outlook have regained stability and balance. My body is pain free, and the issues I struggled with for so long from a lumbar spinal fracture have completely resolved. In short, CranioSacral Therapy (along with the other therapies) has helped me accomplish what many would say is impossible.
These gentle modalities have the ability to save and transform lives. They are firmly grounded in the science and biology of human nature. They are inexpensive, non-invasive and present no negative side effects. They have a 30+ year track record of helping people from all walks of life with a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological pain.

CranioSacral Therapy (along with these other therapies) has been shown to be especially effective in treating and healing Traumatic Brain Injuries and the condition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Specific protocols have been developed and are readily available NOW. It is my personal opinion, based on my own healing experience that our brothers and sisters returning from the wars would benefit greatly in their healing, through CranioSacral Therapy, so that they may fully return and be available to family, community and the wholeness of life.”

George Visger, San Francisco 49ers 1980-81             Visger

“I’ve suffered numerous concussions over the years and developed hydrocephalus while playing in the National Football League (NFL) in 1981. During the 1981 season, I underwent emergency Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) Shunt brain surgery.

(A VP shunt is a long, flexible, plastic tube that drains cerebrospinal fluid from the brain. This is done so that pressure does not build up within the head. The tube goes from the brain to the abdomen.)

I’ve now survived 9 brain surgeries and several grand mal seizures.

As a consequence of my playing football, I had been suffering from constant headaches, major neck and back pain from fractured vertebrae, short-term memory issues, tinnitus and a “frozen shoulder” scheduled for major reconstructive surgery.

I participated in an Intensive Therapy Program at the Upledger Institute in July 2014, which included CranioSacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation (manual therapy treatments).

My headaches and tinnitus subsided by the second day of the Intensive, my neck pain and back pain is nearly gone, and I have full range of motion in my shoulder. I’ve indefinitely canceled my shoulder surgery and continue to receive CranioSacral Therapy and the other treatments on a maintenance schedule.

CranioSacral Therapy (along with the other treatments) has improved my quality of life better than any treatment I’ve received in 30+ years. I have recommended CranioSacral Therapy (and the other treatments) to all of my associates.”