How do we work together during cold, flu, and COVID season?

In pre-pandemic times, sometimes clients would come for a session and casually mention they felt like they “were coming down with something” or “I’m just getting over a cold.”

That won’t work now. If you wake up on the day of your appointment and don’t feel well (sore throat, fever, cough, etc.), let’s reschedule. My 24-hour cancellation policy doesn’t apply for illness while we navigate these times and as much notice as possible is always helpful so I can offer the space to someone else.

Of course, the flip side also works. I have rescheduled clients when I’m concerned about passing something on to you. Let’s be flexible so we can keep each other safe.

I’ve limited my schedule during the pandemic and now I’m slowly adding more availability. If you could use some unwinding, let’s figure out a time to work together.

If you are traveling, please wait a few days after your return and/or take a Covid test before coming for your session.

All Covid protocols are being followed. In addition, please wear a K/N 95 mask that fits tightly over your nose and mouth.