How Do You Digest Energy?

Just like with food, our bodies are designed to digest energy — those experiences and emotions we encounter in our daily lives. 

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Balancing Mind and Body Helps Digest Energy

Sometimes, just like food, those emotions and experiences get stuck in our gut and we need some help to break them down and find the right way to use their energy. 

If you’ve been struggling with “leaky gut”, acid reflux, heartburn and other “stomach issues”, you may need some help digesting energy too. 

According to the Medical Medium, Anthony William“Food does not digest just from the physical process of food breakdown (a process scientific study hasn’t fully pieced together): there are also critical spiritual and metaphysical factors involved in digestion.

Your gut is where your strength is. It has emotional pores, and because of this, emotions can actually control how much good and bad bacteria flourishes there. Poor gut health can greatly hinder intuition.” 

Have you tried a lot of traditional ways of dealing with your stomach issues and nothing has really worked?

An Integrative Bodywork session that combines the energetic nutrition principles of Polarity Therapy and the unwinding of trauma and stress in the digestive track with Craniosacral work, helps support your body to digest the energy and emotions you may be struggling with.