Pandemic Week 1: Staying Healthy

First off, I do believe that good therapy is helpful and needed in times of global and cultural distress, for the physical benefits as well as to offer some contact and relief for the isolation and fear that can occur during such radical shifts happening around us. To that end, I will be continuing to see clients at my office and would like to share with you some of the practices I use to ensure your safety while in my treatment space.

In my office:
• First and foremost, I always employ thorough and good handwashing before and after every client session

• All surfaces, door handles, and contact areas are disinfected between every session

• Any pens or other items handled will get disinfected between sessions

As always, when I am sick, I reschedule my clients. I expect the same of you. Do not come to your session if you feel like you’re getting sick, “just getting over something” or have a fever, etc. If you begin to experience any cold or flu-like symptoms, please don’t hesitate to let me know so that we can reschedule your appointment. In the meantime, please continue to get good rest, eat well, and take some mindfulness time to contact nature and the life within us.

If you would like a session and feel unsure or uneasy about coming into the office, I have now set up remote phone sessions. I did one this morning and it was very powerful for both of us. Just like in person, the session is tailored to what you need. We did some guided meditation, Reiki, dialoguing and sound healing with tuning forks. You can book your remote session via the online calendar.

Our collective health, healing, and well-being are important to me and I look forward to continuing to assisting you as we move forward together. If there’s anything more I can do to support you during this time, please feel free to reach out.


Loving Kindness meditation: 

May you live with ease,
may you be happy,
may you be free from pain.