Pandemic Week 6: Are You Exhausted?

“The remote session with Mary provided a lot of healing benefits including immediate improvement in my sleep, a sense of increased well-being and improved energy levels.  Mary was able to energetically connect with me and help locate and clear energy blockages. The benefits from this treatment were noticeable over the next couple of days and provided very welcome comfort against the backdrop of the challenges we all face as we stay safe at home.”
  RS, client since 2019

Hi all,

Even though you may be working from home, not stuck in traffic every day, etc. you may still be feeling exhausted and worn out from this new routine.

It’s easy to underestimate how much energy it takes from us to be able to navigate and manage life through the uncertainty of this crisis.

One thing that’s helped me has been reconnecting with my energy medicine roots. I was a client first and started receiving Polarity Therapy sessions to help me find balance in my own life. I was fascinated by how energy worked and how thoughts and emotions contributed to pain and pain relief. From there, I started studying all kinds of different ways of working with the body and with energy.

Once I switched from student to practitioner, I struggled with how to talk about the work I was doing. It was easier to talk about bodywork and people understood something was happening when they felt the touch.

Yet, here’s a little secret, even when I’m doing “hands-on” work, energy work is happening too.

So, now when I’m unable to use my hands to work with people, my energy medicine muscles are being reactivated and I’ve been exploring long-distance healing sessions in a more profound and deeper way.

Working remotely underscores the true collaboration of our work — we are doing this together. I may be the conduit and you are an active participant helping your system do what it needs to heal.

The truth is, I’ve been doing energy work all along, you just might not have noticed. When I’ve said I’m holding space for you when you travel, have a big event happening, etc. I’ve been opening up heaven and earth for you just like I do in my office.

These last few weeks when I’ve been forced to work with people on the phone have been a positive affirmation that the work really is all about energy. For example, when I’m working remotely, I still feel the heat in my hands and my clients feel warmth in their body as held trauma, pain and stress are released.

The sense of deep relaxation and transformation is the same or as a client told me the other day, “even more intense — in a good way.”

If now is the time you would normally be coming in for a session, consider trying long-distance work. If you already have a package, you can use that towards the phone session.

As always, if I may be of service to you in this new reality, please feel free to reach out — even if it’s just to check-in. I want to know how you’re doing.