This Earth Day Honor Your Earth Element


Polarity Therapy works with the elements of the body. Each of the five elements –– ether, air, fire, water and earth — vibrate at a specific, energetic frequency and relates to a general quality, sense, function/emotion and body. The elements flow through the body in electromagnetic waves, traveling from positive through neutral to negative poles.


Earth energy rules the neck, bowels and knees. Practitioners work to help improve the flow of energy by connecting the energy between each pole, using a series of five protocols, one for each element. With an understanding of how the various elements connect, the therapist can identify areas of the body where energy may be impeded and create pathways to improve the flow of energy.
Earth element bodywork can help with intestinal issues, grounding, back pain, organization and survival issues. The Earth element is located in the perineal area of the body and is the energy of foundation, organization and support. It governs elimination (with the Air Element) and structure in the body.

When working with the elements, it’s all about balance. Too much earth energy slows down the digestive system and clogs the space in the joints. Too little accounts for fragility of hair, skin and bones.  Gardening is a great way to increase earth energy easily. Being out in nature, feeling the earth through your fingertips connects one with earth itself. Stretching, reaching and bending loosen the joints and returns flexibility and space to the body.

Try this at home! Earth energy may be balanced easily by a technique known as the Earth Button. Place two fingers of your left hand directly above the pubic bone and two fingers of your right hand just below the lower lip. Massage gently with the two upper fingers and then gently hold both contacts. Breathe deeply, visualizing the movement of energy down the center of your body (your Ultrasonic Core.)

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