This Earth Day Honor Your Earth Element

  Polarity Therapy works with the elements of the body. Each of the five elements –– ether, air, fire, water and earth — vibrate at a specific, energetic frequency and relates to a general quality, sense, function/emotion and body. The elements flow through the body in electromagnetic waves, traveling from positive through neutral to negative poles.   Earth energy […]

My Personal Love of Football and the Patriots

I know that it’s a bit counter-intuitive that a light-touch bodyworker would be so enamored with an intense, high-contact sport like football. I used to watch my dad watching Patriots games when I was a child. One day, not long after he died, I came across a game on TV. The sights and sounds of […]

Client Success Stories

How does my work help people? Here are just a couple of success stories. Please feel free to share your own stories about how this work has helped you. Concussions I worked with a man who played football in college and high school. He had just turned 50 and came to me because he felt […]