Super Bowl Sunday and Concussions

helmetIt’s Super Bowl Sunday and I spent the morning working with a former high school football player who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) during a game six years ago. The helmet-to-helmet hit was so severe it broke his ethmoid bone, injured his prefrontal lobe and caused cerebrospinal fluid to rush out his nose. He was in the hospital for a week.

Since that time, he’s experienced personality changes, anxiety, depression and insomina.

The good news is he’s actively taking care of his health and well-being and he found his way to Craniosacral work. His future self will thank him for the way he’s taking care of himself now.

After his session today, he said he felt more relaxed, clearer and more focused than he has in months. The more work he does to unwind the tissues surrounding his brain and spinal column, his symptoms will lessen and the quality of his life will improve.

It’s clients like this young man who remind me why I’m working to get Craniosacral work to all football players. No one should be suffering from the after effects of playing a game they love.