Your Future Self Will Thank You

Craniosacral work helps to unwind tension and trauma in the tissues that surround the brain and spinal column.

Have you seen the movie Concussion? It’s great that the film has continued the conversation about how playing football can damage the brain. Unfortunately, the conversation has not evolved to include what players can do to help themselves after football.

That’s where Craniosacral work comes in. Recently, I worked with a 20-year-old guy who had played football and lacrosse all through high school. He has experienced a number of concussions and was still having symptoms.

He was having trouble sleeping, still gets headaches, and had a lot of neck and shoulder pain. His doctor told him he has “pre-arthritis.”

Two days after his session, he sent me this feedback telling me about the many benefits he’s experienced after just one session.

“I feel much more symmetry both in my body and my brain and have a much calmer mind. I have also been sleeping better. I also noticed a reduction in arthritic symptoms and an increase in flexibility.”

I know his future self will thank him for taking care of his body and brain now and not waiting for problems to get worse.

How powerful would it be for players to receive this work after a game as part of their recovery?