Craniosacral work helps people with PTSD – research study

PSTD could be treated with Craniosacral therapy according to a research study Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is impacting people worldwide. In the United States alone, more than five million people will suffer from PTSD this year. There are major emotional, financial, and negative health implications associated with PTSD making it a timely priority. “Post-traumatic stress […]

Football Players Helped by Craniosacral Work

Last year, several retired NFL players took part in the first of it’s kind pilot study conducted by the Ricky Williams Foundation and the Upledger Institute Clinic to look at how Craniosacral work can help football players. The early results of that study are quite promising and two of the players offered these comments after […]

This Earth Day Honor Your Earth Element

  Polarity Therapy works with the elements of the body. Each of the five elements –– ether, air, fire, water and earth — vibrate at a specific, energetic frequency and relates to a general quality, sense, function/emotion and body. The elements flow through the body in electromagnetic waves, traveling from positive through neutral to negative poles.   Earth energy […]

My Personal Love of Football and the Patriots

I know that it’s a bit counter-intuitive that a light-touch bodyworker would be so enamored with an intense, high-contact sport like football. I used to watch my dad watching Patriots games when I was a child. One day, not long after he died, I came across a game on TV. The sights and sounds of […]

Client Success Stories

How does my work help people? Here are just a couple of success stories. Please feel free to share your own stories about how this work has helped you. Concussions I worked with a man who played football in college and high school. He had just turned 50 and came to me because he felt […]

Early Craniosacral Research Shows Promise

Frankly, one of the most frustrating things about doing “alternate” work, is that there is very little in the way of traditional research that supports the effectiveness of the work I do. My clients can tell you how much Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy sessions have helped relieve their pain and trauma, yet there are still […]

It’s not so alternative anymore!

Welcome to my new blog. Here I’ll be sharing more information about my work incorporating craniosacral and polarity therapy to help people recovering from injuries and pain. I thought an interesting way to start would be to look at how this work is seen in a larger context. Did you know there’s an national agency […]